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What is the weight distribution on front and rear tire of Car ?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Amount of Weight transfer on tires of the vehicle is very important parameter to for understanding vehicle dynamics. As when car accelerate or brakes then amount of load taken by the tire has to be measured because tires have the fixed load capacity and if you transfer load more than that then they will wear out and will effect the handling of car.

Let's first see the Coordinate system that is generally used in Vehicle dynamics.This is the ISO8555/DIN7000 Coordinate system.

X axis- Longitudinal axis Moment about x axis is called:- Roll

Y axis - Lateral axis Moment about y axis is called:- Pitch

Z axis - vertical axis Moment about z axis is called:- Yaw

Check the figure below

For weight transfer derivation ,


  • Car is going up hill

  • Ground is making a small angle θ with the horizontal

  • Cosθ = 1


  • h=ha=hd

Balancing all forces Parallel to ground we get:-

(W/g)*a = Ff+Fr-Ra-R-WSinθ-Fd (1)

Where, Ff- front wheel traction

Fr- rear wheel traction

Ra- aerodynamic force

R- total rolling resistance(R=Rf+Rr)

Fd- dragging or pulling force(if car is pulling a cart or trailer)

here ,Fd=0

Taking moment about point A we get:-

Wf*L+Ra*h+WSinθ*h+(W/g)*a*h - WCosθ*L2=0

Wf=(W*L2-Ra*h-WSinθ*h-(W/g)*a*h)/L (2)

Taking moment about point B we get:-

Wr=(W*L1+Ra*h+WSinθ*h+(W/g)*a*h)/L (3)

Solving 1,2 & 3 we get:-

Wf=L2*W/L - h/L[F-fr*W] (Load on front tire) (4)

Wr=L1*W/L + h/L[F-fr*W] (Load on rear tire) (5)


F= Ff +Fr (total tractive force)

R=fr *W (total rolling resistance)


At time of acceleration the weight shifts backward as you can see from the equation 4 & 5.

F is the total tractive force which is limited by the power of vehicle and also the load capability of tire.

Wf=L2*W/L - h/L[F-fr*W] (Load on front tire)

Wr=L1*W/L + h/L[F-fr*W] (Load on rear tire)


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Sep 20, 2021

Great blog I enjoyed reading


Swapnil Patil
Swapnil Patil
Sep 29, 2020

your videos are helping in in great manner. i had no idea about vehicle dynamics. now by watching your videos my concepts are getting clear. i have observed your concepts of VD are very clear. and you make it very simple to understand.

thank you friend.

and one dought..

do fr is tractive force?

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