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Tire inside and it's Secrets

Tires usually look simple and much the same to an untrained eye.

If you give different tires to untrained person he will definitely say that all the tires are same ! Really are all of them are same ?

Tires contain many rubber compounds and other materials such as fibers , synthetic polymers,antioxidants etc. Also they are different in many aspects such as number of plies or different in the make weather they are radial or bias tires.Tires also effects the performance of the vehicle. Hence, all Tires are not same ,they are not simple,and lots of engineering is involved in making of the tires.

Lets check the tire composition :-

So, above is the tire composition in which different percentage of elements of heavy truck tires and light truck tires is shown and also the role of every element is given.

Any material can be shown by three notations:-

Springs :- Elastic material

Springs+Friction :- Metals

Springs+Dashpot :- Viscoelastic materials

For viscoelastic materials their are two types of model:-

1. Kelvin model

2. Maxwell model

Tires are the elastomers or the viscoelastic material.

If you compare the stress and strain curve of elastic and viscoelastic material in elastic material the loading and unloading curve is same but in viscoelastic material the loading and unloading lines are not same the curve is different ,because of this there is the hysteresis loss in viscoelastic materials ,this is the energy loss in elastomers.

Tires are the viscoelastic material ,because of loading and unloading of tire treads while rotating,lead to the hysteresis loss in tire treads which causes the energy loss and this loss is compensated by the engine of the vehicle and this will effect the fuel efficiency of the car.


So, choosing a perfect & compatible tire ,and maintaining the tire is very important,if your tire is wear out then you should replace your tire ,this will help your car to get road grip and will also minimize the hysteresis loss which will improve the fuel efficiency and will decrease the load on the engine,Your tire should be properly inflated while driving this will also minimize the hysteresis loss.


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